Artist: Where: When: Info:
David Mc Kay Avenue C, BALLARO 2nd. Ave bet.4th & 5th Monday 6th of May (whatch out for upcoming Mondays) David MacKay
Motown Lovers Wahlsdorf & Rostock 21st & 24th of June 14
Loveley Bastards Munich, Germany 24th of April to 9th of July 2017 Panda Theatre (Berlin) 19th of June 14
Cold Fujon (Funk/Rock) @ Shrine NYC, New York City Thurs 08/24/2017 Show set starts at 8pm Shrine NYC
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10030, USA
+1 212-690-7807
Cold Fujon (Funk/Rock) Shrine, Harlem NYC 24th of October 2015
Beat Kaestli Band Austria-Germany-Czech 29th of April to 13th of May 2015
Pomp Duck Gala Berlin, Germany 29th of August

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